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Flooring Guide Phillip Island

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  Address   321 White Road (Bass Hwy)
Wonthaggi, Victoria
  Phone   03 5672 5590
  Fax   03 5672 1063

Come in to our flooring showroom to find an exceptional carpet and flooring product that is sure to suit the style and decor of your home or business in the Phillip Island area.

About Us:


With over 27 stores across Australia, Floorworld has delivered high quality flooring at affordable prices to numerous clients throughout the country. For those wanting that classic timber flooring look for their property, the style and elegance that quality carpets bring, or clients looking for the practicality of vinyl floors, we have provided clients with the right floors for their specific needs.

Wonthaggi Floorworld

At Wonthaggi Floorworld we pride ourselves on not only providing our clients in the Phillip Island area with the right flooring product, but also a complete flooring experience. With our staff always on hand to provide you with their expert advice, the incredible range of products and materials we have to choose from at our showroom and our network of experienced and qualified tradespeople, you will experience the difference with Wonthaggi Floorworld.


We provide the following flooring services in Phillip Island:

  • Carpet
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Timber Flooring
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Free Measure & Quote

About Our Flooring Products:


With carpets being a popular option for any home or business due to its noise reduction properties, durability and comfort, we strive to stock the leading range of carpets at Wonthaggi Floorworld. From some of the biggest manufacturers in Australia, our carpets are available in a wide range of styles, designs and colours for your property.

Vinyl Flooring

As a low cost alternative to timber flooring and other flooring products, vinyl floors are a great option for first home owners and people that suffer from common allergies and asthma. Easy to maintain and extremely hygienic, our vinyl flooring are perfect for any area of your home or business in Phillip Island, especially wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Laminate Flooring

At Wonthaggi Floorworld we offer our clients with an incredible range of laminate flooring. Hard wearing, as well as scratch and stain resistant, our products are a fantastic choice for both residential and commercial properties throughout the Phillip Island area. With its ability to imitate materials such as stone, wood and marble, you can have an amazing looking flooring solution at a fraction of the cost of the genuine products.

Timber Flooring

Whether you are looking for the sturdiness and durability of solid timber flooring or the easy of installation that veneer floating floors bring, we have a timber flooring option for all desires. With our quality Australian timber products and darker exotic timbers, we have a product that will suit the style and decor of your home or business in the Phillip Island area.

Bamboo Flooring

At Wonthaggi Floorworld you don't have to settle for second best or cheap imitations when it comes to bamboo flooring. We have developed one of the most innovative, eco-friendly and stable bamboo flooring products on the Australian market through over 7 years of dedicated research. So if you are looking for a quality bamboo floor for your property, choose the products from our flooring showroom.

With so many flooring options on offer at our store, it makes sense to come to Wonthaggi Floorworld and choose the best product for your home, office or business in the Phillip Island area. For more information on our products, contact us today or come in to our showroom.


At Wonthaggi Floorworld we have a wide range of products at our showroom that are suitable for any contemporary or traditional style home, as well as larger commercial buildings.

  • We Are A Local Business
  • Our Products Are Affordable
  • We Provide Reliable Service
  • You Deal With Professionals

To find out more about our flooring products and how they will increase the value of your property, please contact Wonthaggi Floorworld on (03) 5672 5590.